Personal Chef Services

  • Hire me to prepare meals in your kitchen, based on your needs and preferences. I will create a customized meal plan, shop for all groceries, prepare the meals, and clean up the kitchen.

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  • Have a large event to host? Let me prepare the food. I will create a menu to suit the situation whether it be home style or gourmet. All within a price point in which you feel comfortable. 

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Holiday Parties and Entertaining

    • The in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving this year. You’ve volunteered to host the company Christmas party. Don’t let these situations intimidate you. I’ve got you covered.

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Healthy Menu Planning

      • You’ve finally made a commitment to lose those last ten pounds, but you aren’t sure you can do it alone. Good news, you don’t have to. With your will power and my tasty AND healthy menu planning, we’ll make it happen together.

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Homemade Baby Food

      • What did parents do before Gerber came out with those cute little jars of pureed food? They made it themselves. But who has the time to make their own baby food, free of artificial colors and preservatives? Me. I do. 

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A La Carte Items

      • Little Suzie came home from school today and informed you that you are providing five dozen baked goods for next week’s fundraiser. Fine. Except you also have a big project due for work that week. Instead of letting all the other moms judge you because you went to Safeway, call me. 

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