Beginning a relationship with a personal chef can be confusing. What things are you responsible for and what exactly do I do? I’m here to make your life easier and to answer all of your questions. Feel free to email or call with anything.

“I have no idea where to start – how do I receive more information?”
Start by contacting me. I will walk you through the process without overwhelming you. We can work together in understanding your needs and preferences via email, phone, or in person.

“What if I don’t see what I want on your menus?”
My menus are merely suggestions. If you have favorite foods or cuisines that you are interested in, please let me know!

“I have food allergies/restrictions. Can you accommodate my dietary needs?
Allergies and restrictions are no problem! Please just let me know in advance so that I can better serve you.

“Can you cater my party/holiday dinner/business event?”
Yes! As long as there is a kitchen for me to cook in, you can hire me to make your event really stand out.

“Aren’t personal chefs expensive?”
When you consider the time you save in grocery shopping, meal preparation and cleaning combined with the money you spend on groceries and eating out, you are probably going to save money. The cost of my personal chef service is about equal to your family eating out 3-4 nights per week at an average restaurant.

“How are your costs calculated?”
I use USDA guidelines to approximate the cost of groceries based on type and number meals ordered, then add a service fee for my time.

“How do I pay for your service?”
I accept PayPal, checks, and cash. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay me via credit card.) Payment is due at time of service.